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Your face is the most distinguishing feature of your body.

Your eyes, your skin and smile tell a story – a story that’s uniquely yours.

Time attempts to rewrite parts of that story. It changes your appearance through the aging process. Bone structure and volume decrease, wrinkles begin to spread, lips begin to thin. The environment does its part too – sun damage and dry skin can dull the skin’s surface.

You begin to look tired, older, sometimes even angry.

But that’s not the end of the story – not your story anyway.

With today’s minimally invasive procedures, there are safe ways to restore your natural beauty and slow the aging process.

There’s no reason to “let nature take its course.” You get the last word.

We can help you enhance your natural beauty and reclaim your confidence, so when you step foot outside our door, you’re ready to write your next chapter!


Haley Wood is a nurse practitioner and leading expert in the field of Aesthetic Nursing. She is Board certified by both the National Certification Corporation and the Plastic Surgery Nurses Certification Board.

She has treated over 15,000 patients and has dedicated her career to facial anatomy, beauty and the art of injecting. She is a nationally recognized expert in injectables and has trained thousands of injectors nationwide her distinctive technique.

Drawing from nearly a decade of experience, she creates comprehensive plans for each of her clients, knowing that facial rejuvenation takes time and a personalized approach. “Like any goal, it may take us 4-6 months to complete our personalized skin fitness program,” she says. “But that’s okay; we are in it together. Your skin and well-being are worth the investment to do it right.”


Haley’s advice to clients is to always start small and go slow. Natural, subtle enhancements can go a long way toward reducing the signs of aging. “Your face is not the place to take a ‘go big or go home’ attitude,” Haley says. “The simple truth is you can always add more Botox, but you can’t take it away. We can always add more filler along the way – and erase it!”


The goal of the staff at The Look is to create an intimate setting for those who seek expertise. “There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, threatened or apprehensive about your treatment,” Haley says. “We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.”


Haley guarantees that your visit will not be rushed. “We will take the necessary time to ensure safety and the absolutely best treatment. That’s our promise to you.”