Nonsurgical Nose Augmentation

The nose is such a prominent feature on the face. Non-surgical Nose Augmentation (also called non-surgical rhinoplasty) can help get you closer to a nose you’ll love without the cost and painful recovery of rhinoplasty surgery.

Non-surgical Nose Augmentation can also correct or revise a nose job.


  • Noses with imperfections and deformations due to breaks or genetics
  • Noses with small bumps or humps
  • Overly sloped noses
  • Depressions or dips on the outside of the nose
  • Nose tips
  • Nose bridges
  • Asymmetrical noses or nostrils


Non-surgical Nose Augmentation is performed by injecting dermal fillers, which are made of hyaluronic acid. Injections are placed at the subdermal-dermal levels of the skin’s surface and have an immediate affect on its volume.


  • Nonsurgical nose contouring is a tricky and possibly risky venture, and knowing your anatomy is pertinent before the procedure begins.
  • This area never requires a lot of filler and slow technique is of the most importance.
  • Nasal bridges and tips can be gently recontoured using a soft and malleable dermal filler.
  • Dermal fillers can even be used to narrow the width of the nose.


Results are immediate and can last from 9 to 12 months.


This procedure can take 20 minutes to administer. There is no down time and you may resume your normal routine immediately.

Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after your injections. There may be some temporary, minor discomfort or swelling that can last two to four weeks. You can treat red or tender areas with ice.


  • There have been cases where fillers have been inadvertently placed in a blood vessel, which can cause major problems like skin death or even blindness. This is why it is vital to know who is injecting your dermal filler. “If injecting dermal filler is not what someone does on a daily basis, walk away,” Haley says.
  • Non-surgical Nose Augmentation can even help correct functional problems with the nose like difficulty breathing.
  • Non-surgical Nose Augmentation can only augment or alter the nose’s appearance by adding volume. It cannot reduce the overall size of the nose.