Why  is Different

“It’s not a fad diet. When you use it, it works”

We each have unique dietary and psychological preferences and needs. The MetaMyo Program ensures successful weight loss by considering the needs and goals of each individual.

Long-term weight reduction doesn’t come in a bottle, isn’t the product of a gimmick, and isn’t found in a best selling book. It is the result of a healthy metabolism and specific amounts of macronutrients over time. At MetaMyo provides a clear path to body fat reduction that can fit the lifestyle of each completely unique individual.

Why Other Weight Loss Programs Fail

Simply put, today’s fad diets promote calorie reduction and food-type avoidance and while you may lose weight initially, these strategies result in rapid weight gain the moment you stray.

Here’s why: Continuous calorie reduction is counter-productive, as it causes the body to go into starvation mode by triggering defensive cellular reactions.

The consequences? The body slows its resting metabolic rate (RMR), thereby burning fewer calories and making it even more difficult to reduce body fat. In addition, a low calorie diet causes essential lean muscle tissue to be catabolized. In other words, muscle, rather than fat, is broken down to fuel the body. Since the amount of muscle mass has a direct relationship with RMR, metabolism is slowed even further. The net effect is reduced lean muscle mass, a slower metabolism and guaranteed long term failure.