Cubist Armchair


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This chair is extremely rare because the Cubist period which is mainly developed from 1907 to 1914 was very short and only a very small part of fans and collectors of modern art from this period was affected by this new trend . Therefore, this chair is only rarer. It is a precursor of what was Art Deco.

Carved in the shape of a piece échèques our armchair crazy originality is absolutely fascinating from every angle.

Maple wood with black streaks covered Velvet inspired by the work of the Venetian Fortuny Manufacture in black and gold checkered.

After the First World War, with the support provided by Léonce Rosenberg, Cubism again became a central issue for artists and continued until the mid 1920s.

The word “Cubist” comes from a reflection of Henri Matisse describing an array of Braque as “cubes”.

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Dimensions 57 × 50 × 83 cm