Set of Cast Iron Chairs with Lyre Directoire Back


Paire de Chaises en Fer Forgé aux dossiers Lyre Directoire

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Our chairs certainly thought for a concert hall are very decorative and appear very modern in their time . They imagine during summer concerts dress within a strong musical atmosphere.

The Management Style is a style of furniture and decoration fashionable 1790-1803 . Marking the transition between Louis XVI and Empire styles , and it is characterized by a simple invoice and simple shapes .

Forms are simplified : the discrete curves and straight lines without stiffness combine in great elegance. The Management Style announces the Empire style without having heaviness.

Taking its name from the Directory, that is to say the government Directeursqui lasted four years, from 1795 to 1799 , this style does not form an independent entity , but must be defined as a transitional phenomenon , linking the Louis XVI and Empire styles . In a word, it is a style that is both Louis XVI and ending the beginnings of the Empire.

Number of rooms belonging to the Directoire style extends traditionclassique of Louis XVI, but with more severe treatment . In this époquefriande allegories of all kinds , emblems révolutionnairesenvahissent furniture, wall decor and textiles.

David , the famous painter , did more for the establishment of this new taste that no other. He designed a series of rooms – more or less exact copies of Greco- Roman models – . And ordered Jacob to produce to its attention in 1789 or 1790 These famous pieces , were seats with mahogany curule form base in X , inspired by the Greek klismos and graceful daybed sleek which David represented Lady Recamier .

The Revolution had resulted in the abolition of guilds ; these were indeed removed in 1791. This meant that the rules by which corporations had controlled the training of artisans , their learning and companionship , were abolished and that nothing impeded the free production of goods engineered , regardless is the profession concerned . The arts of luxury, as the production of furniture and began to decline from that date , except furniture prestige executed under the First Empire by artisans have preserved the traditions of excellence from the reigns of the three Louis .

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Dimensions 35 × 45 × 91 cm