Living-Room: 2 Armchairs + 4 Chairs + 1 Sofa, Viennese, 1890-1900


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Our Salon matches the style of the Vienna Secession in an obvious way . Based inter alia by Josef Hoffmann , the painter Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser designer , The Vienna Secession ( Wiener Secession Sezessionsstil or German) is a current Art Nouveau flourished in Austria , especially in Vienna 1892 in 1906. This current Art Nouveau is less vegetation and more ” geometric .

His inspirations are many.

The Symbolist movement that allowed a new interpretation of the thought of the time, thanks to the development of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

The Japanese print with all its cultural universe , an art that nothing related to European styles of the past , and whose modern decorative art draw many of his forces.

Secession also draw the English Arts & Crafts movement and decorative Gothic .

This work approaches closer to the work of Josef Hoffmann, Austrian genius architect of that era. Hoffmann is an avant-garde architect . It represents the interface between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Subsequent achievements villas, exhibition halls escape clearly major current architecture to achieve purity and extreme austerity.

Born in Moravia, Hoffmann began studying architecture in Vienna with Otto Wagner, whose rationalist theories were to exercise a decisive influence on him .

From 1899 to 1937 he was professor at the School of Applied Arts in Vienna , and in 1903 , in collaboration with Kolo Moser, he established the famous Viennese Workshop ( Wienerwerkstätte , 1903-1932 ) , which produce all kinds of everyday objects : interiors designed by Hoffmann, who frequently participate in the development of buildings Hoffmann !

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