Set of 4 Chairs decorated with Greek pattern. Italy, Antonio Basoli 1820-1830


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Remarkable sequel to ” Chairs- Objects ” geometric motifs drawing files Greek , combining antiquity and modernity .

From a very characteristic light wood taste that spread Antonio Basoli at this time , the right folder expresses the idea that lean devaaient be a wall to be contemplating …

Antonio Basoli (Bologna, 1774-1843 ) , painter, designer and decorator , who was among the most remarkable in the world of Italian decorative arts of the first half of the nineteenth century personalities. He had a considerable influence on the replacement of furniture taste and Bologna in Emilia particularly advocating an immoderate taste for antique motifs. Antonio Basoli who taught the principles of ornament in Bologna since 1803 , published several important books , illustrated by himself , including the famous Guernizioni Maniera Antica di Diversi (1814) . In 1838 he also published another book entitled Vari Ornamenti through which he delivered most of these styles of furniture and decorations executed in Bologna.

These two books alone summarize the passion for ornaments inspired by antiquity that animated the work of Basoli , including our chairs with their files so singular in form of ‘ Greek ‘ is probably one of the most original creations and atypical , brilliantly combining modernity and antiquity.

Closely linked to Pelagio Pelagi , decorator of the same school , he was able to reconcile the solemnity of the Empire style and comfort requirements , and was especially selected in 1833 by the Duchess of Parma , Marie- Louise – who was Empress of the French 1810 to 1815 – to participate in the renovation of his home in Parma. Many of his drawings of these works are now preserved at the Clementine Academy in Bologna .

Besides furniture found throughout decorating parts of the ducal palace were watercolored by Giuseppe Naudin in the 1830s , the same appeal to the clean lines , the geometric shapes and very pronounced taste for light woods that characterize our seats.

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