A Ruhlman Set of 6 Chairs with high straight back


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Geometric and bare our feet six chairs the famous “Time is both lightweight, simple and powerful .

Jacques -Emile Ruhlmann (1879-1933 , Paris ) is a French designer and interior designer , known for his prolific production of art furniture.
The quality of its creations will make nicknamed “the Riesner Art Deco “, although unlike the latter it was not cabinetmaker . René Chavanne critic , writes ” He was enamored of pure forms , slender , finely punctuated , it tasted lovingly , almost sensually these precious materials that harmonized outside as inside furniture .”

In 1907 the death of his father he took over the management of the family business that will finance investments in his artistic project. At this time, he began to draw his first furniture for him and his family.

He participated from 1910 Salon d’Automne , and from the 1913 looms the extraordinary career that will be his . Very soon he will praise by critics. It creates an agency dedicated to decorating while pursuing activities with paint, wallpaper, mirrors the firm. In 1919, he joined Pierre Laurent Ruhlmann and founded the institutions and Laurent.Le Ruhlmann success is undoubtedly due to his talent and hard work. It is surprising that self happened so quickly to such a level of perfection. The explanation is the ego of Jacques -Emile Ruhlmann that motivated to surpass what was best. Its requirement applied to himself as well as his employees. In his catchphrase : ” When a problem is well posed and a man of genius there atèle , it is rare to produce a masterpiece ,” he speaks of himself .

Ruhlmann creates sleek and stylish furniture with taut lines. With ” furniture to char” , the time appears foot. It seeks to convey the impression of lightness. It uses rare species such as rosewood came from India and Brazil, Macassar ebony from Indonesia, amaranth Guyana, Cuban mahogany . Ergonomics achievements Ruhlmann is increasingly pushing …

Art Deco is a born in the 1910s and took its full development in the 1920s before dissipating from the 1930s artistic movement. He was extremely lively especially in the Decorative Arts, Architecture , Design, Fashion and Costume , and in fact , were on more or less all forms of Fine Arts .

It is the first style to have experienced a worldwide distribution.

Paris in the 1910s discovered the Russian ballets , combining dance, music and painting. They are an invitation to luxury and exoticism ; costumes , fashion fans, feathers , water jets, bright colors. Unusual colors will be needed in the decor and furnishings : we will boudoirs with orange walls , lounges draped in black .

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Dimensions 47 × 63 × 110 cm