Melissa MacMillan – New York
I wanted to lose those last few pounds for my wedding. Well, I lost two dress sizes! I wore a size 2, slim-fitting, A-line wedding gown and could not have done it without the diet! At the wedding, ‘Relax – stop sucking in your stomach,’ and I told them, ‘I am NOT sucking in my stomach!’ I was in pretty good shape to start, but I wanted more! The diet worked!  Reducing from a size 6 to a size 2 was a lot harder weight to lose than when I lost 15 pounds after meeting Steve (now my husband). The diet was the only thing that worked to reduce that stubborn last bit of body fat on my tummy and hips.

Dan Cokerham – Puyallup, WA
My waistline was melting away. I was wearing a 35″ waist and went down to a 30″ after a few months. Five inches went by quickly! Before the diet, I was working out and not getting a lot of results – and I was still sort of fat. I wanted to slim down and bulk up at the same time. I did it! It gave me energy to get up earlier and work out. I was eating all the time! I kept thinking, ‘more food again?’ I didn’t think you could lose weight and eat so many times each day. It changed the way I think about food.

Dennis Lukenger – Tacoma, WA
I thought the diet was awesome! I am self employed and work all the time, so I don’t have time to exercise. I lost 30 pounds in two months. I lost weight by simply following the diet – and I felt full all the time. It was simple and I lost a lot of fat in a short amount of time.

Steve Williams – Las Vegas, NV
Following the diet gives me so much energy! Even though I haven’t been exercising, I feel great. Increasing my food intake has made a huge difference. I have stayed at the same weight of 196, but my body fat is much lower. My waist has slimed but my chest has stayed at 44″. I haven’t lost muscle and I am totally energized! I told my brother, who I haven’t seen for two months, that it was simply following the diet and walking in the morning. He is really into working out and couldn’t believe how buff I looked. He continually asks me, ‘Are you sure you haven’t been working out at the gym?’

Jana Ramos – San Diego, CA
With M-Factor , I have a lot more energy and I learned a lot from the library section!

Teresa McBroome – Chula Vista, CA
M-Factor changed my life. In 13 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and several inches from all over my body and I had more energy than ever before! I really liked the structure of the daily menus and that I did not have to guess anymore. In fact, I’m more educated about the nutritional content of food now. For example, I did not know that fat free salad dressings and even sugarless candy could be high in carbohydrates.

Michael Taibi – La Jolla, CA
I can eat steak and have a glass of wine at dinner when I go out to eat! Eating more often during the day on the M-Factor gives me more energy and helps me eat healthier food. I like the fact that I can pick and choose the type of foods I like to eat and change them each day.

Joan Cutler – Del Mar, CA
My friends noticed right away and asked me WHAT I was doing to look so good. I told them I had been using the M-Factor Software and that I had lost 7 pounds in 13 days. I think it is an amazing diet and the best part is that I sleep so much better at night.

Doug Waller – Sumner, WA
I turned 50 years old and went through what I call my mid-life crises. I was 6’1″ tall weighed 260 pounds had a 42″ waist and my body fat was at 23 percent. As part of my mid life crises, I started going to the gym to train, trying to change my self-image. At the gym, I met Regina Coffman and was introduced to her M-Factor program. At first it was hard for me to understand I could double my food intake and lose weight at the same time. I followed her program for 11 months and went through the following transformation. My weight went from 260 to 198 pounds, body fat from 23 percent to 5 percent and my waist from 42 inches to 32 inches. It’s amazing how a change like I went through changed my life in so many positive ways. Thank you Regina.

Earl Seward – El Cajon, CA
I didn’t think this was going to work! However, through the M-Factor program combined with Regina’s counseling, I reduced my waist by 6 1/4 inches and lost 26 pounds! I DID IT!

Frances Huettinger – San Diego, CA
I had my cholesterol taken and it was 210. This Tuesday, after your diet, it was 147. Not too shabby!

Terrence Walker – Las Vegas, NV (Lost 140lbs)
M-Factor has shown me that if I have the determination, and have a plan, and you set about to make that plan into a reality then I can get my goals. It has been a very big part of helping me to, both, change my body, and change my life . . .

Dr. Andrea Cole-RaubFamily Practice, San Diego CA Anti-Aging Medicine
The M-Factor Diet program distinguishes itself from other weight loss programs by its shift toward long-term health. It is the only dietary program I am aware of that addresses the problem of metabolism which, ultimately, is the key to successful weight management.