Tesla Wolfe is a driven small town southern girl, with big dreams to inspire and change the world with her artistry.


She is a Native American dancer/actress from Oklahoma, and was raised in a small town called Ada.  As a little girl, she saw these amazing dancers at the Main Street Parade, and knew right then and there that she wanted to dance.  She started taking dance classes at the age of 7 at the Central Oklahoma Dance Studio.


Tesla has received numerous awards from her dance career.  She is trained in all forms and styles of dance including: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, NBA dance, and drill team dance.  In high school she was a member of the Ada High school drill team.  She served as dance captain of the NBA  Oklahoma Tulsa 66ers dance team for 2 years.  She attended the University of Central Oklahoma. During her studies Tesla did a lot of soul searching and wondering what the possibilities could be if she trained and taught all over the U.S. instead of the same class school setting everyday. She knew she was destined for more than just sitting in a class.. She wanted to inspire dancers and people in general to follow their dreams.


She packed up and moved to Dallas Texas.  This is where she really grew as a professional dancer.  She started booking jobs for entertainment companies such as Eclipse Entertainment and B3 Entertainment.  She was a member of the 8&1 Professional dance jazz/ contemporary company under direction of Jill Rucci. She also competed at World of Dance Dallas Hip hop crew “The Neighborhood”.


She started working for the dance-staff agency of Texas. She has taught dance and set choreography for many studios in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area.  Teaching in all styles Tesla really grew a love for teaching at the Royalty Dance Academy. This was where she trained many dancers who are now booking jobs, award winning in every competition, and traveling all over the US to dance.  This was her dance home for 2 years.


The amount of love she has for her students is really unbelievable. Watching them grow into the dancers they are today is a blessing in her eye. She loved helping them reach their goals and dreams as young aspiring dancers. Miss Tesla would do anything for those kids.  As hard as to was to up and leave such a beautiful dance family she had grown to know… she knew that she did her part I Dallas, and it was time for bigger things.  Always driven to chase the bigger dream and the unthinkable.  Now living in L.A. Nothing is stopping her to being the best version of herself that she can be. Pursuing her dance and acting career.


Tesla is signed with the MGMT Artist Management Agency at the Los Angeles Center Studios. She has trained with Sal Romeo, Walter Raney, Ambrose Respicio, and many more.  She is destined to be perform at an award show, music video for a major artist, in a TV show, or a movie that could change someone’s life, or perspective.