Lynne Pirtle is a Renaissance woman with a diverse background ranging from purchasing fine art to stock and option trading. She moved to Los Angeles 28 years ago from her home state of Texas and is known for her Southern charm, wit, creativity and determined spirit. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin, Lynne came to Los Angeles with aspirations in acting and singing and a keen interest in real estate.

Once in LA, Lynne was captivated by the architecture of the many beautiful homes with city and ocean views and the indoor/outdoor LA lifestyle which was reminiscent of Lynne’s mother, an artist, who surrounded their family home with beauty; she taught Lynne the magic of appreciating the wondrous color and design in nature itself.

While pursuing acting, she began investing in real estate and other lucrative ventures. Subsequently, Lynne married and began raising two children. And though time consuming; it was during this time that she began a Clinical Psychology Masters program at Pepperdine University. Unfortunately, the tragic death of her husband altered this lifestyle and it was then that Lynne exercised her entrepreneurial skills purchasing and operating a very “posh” Pilates studio training some of LA’s hottest bodies.

Faith and a determined spirit have always propelled Lynne forward to pave new roads for herself and her children. It is with this sense of adventure that she can focus on what captured her imagination in years past, selling beautiful homes to people to enhance their multi-faceted lives.

Lynne is thrilled and proud to be a part of the Keller Williams Beverly Hills team, a company that sets high standards of integrity for all.