Win an opportunity to purchase one of two new homes
in East Nashville and Buchanan Arts District

Affordable Housing Resources, Inc. has constructed two quality built homes perfect for singles, couples, roommates and families in Nashville. AHR is holding a drawing for two new 3 bedroom homes for sale at an attainable price through this unique marketing plan.


How it works:

  • Sept. 19 – Oct. 31 – enter the drawing to win the exclusive rights to purchase either home.
  • Nov. 2 – ten (10) entrants will be drawn and then taken through the process for pre-qualification to purchase the home.  To be Eligible to win you must be under 80% of the Average Median Income (see web page).
  • Dec. 18 – two (2) winners will be drawn from the ten (10) finalists to select which home they would like to purchase. Eight (8) runner-ups will have the opportunity to purchase additional homes in these and other urban communities.

As Nashville continues to grow, attainable housing is more challenging to find than ever. AHR realizes this need and has created this drawing to level the playing field for owning a home, while showing the city the high demand for affordable housing from nearly half our citizens.

AHR works to create attainable homeownership
and strong neighborhoods.


Sign up here and meet the qualifications listed below and you will be entered into the drawing! Upon entry, you will receive an email with a checklist of items needed should you be selected to win the rights to purchase one of the two beautiful homes for sale.

What have been your challenges with finding attainable housing throughout Nashville?

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  1. I have always rented therefore I have not looked for attainable home ownership in Nashville. Rental properties are very expensive however when your credit is not high enough for home ownership sometimes this is your only option.

  2. Wanting to stay in the same community that I have lived in for years and where my kids go to school and the housing prices are changing all around the neighborhood. Housing prices are so unaffordable in North Nashville were I live that i have considered moving away from the area, even moving out of state to more affordable living.

      • My wife and I have been renting for years and trying to purchase a home, but I have child support from a previous marriage plus three kids in the home. It seems like every time we get on a good track with our credit score something happens to pull our score down. At one time I thought that we were going to make it, but my wife became ill and had to go on disability. I have worked my same job for the past six years although it’s hard paying $1,100 dollars a month to rent a house that’s ours but what choice do we have. It just seems so hard to get that credit score where it needs to be to get us a home that we can call ours.

  3. My children being somewhere I can feel theyre safe is my main problem. I have a beautiful son & daughter I’ve been raising alone, and they both are doing incredible in school. I want them to have a place to feel comfortable and happy. I definitely cant give them that living in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment with no positive examples around them except for their teachers and myself.I worry alot about what surrounds them

  4. Prices prices prices!! They keep going up but my wage doesn’t.. I took a chance to follow my dream and left my job and moved here to find I make too much to qualify for assistance but not enough to have my own. I mean does that mean I must be homeless and now having to work a couple jobs just to survive?

  5. The challenge for me is finding affordable house on one income. I am of the working class and I have a good job and good credit. Trying to find a home that is a reasonable price on one income is almost impossible. Nashville definitely needs more affordable housing.

  6. I have been in the renting circle since I had kids and moved out on my own. I always thought it would be a hassle to buy a home with my income. As a mother you want to live out your dreams as a homeowner so that your kids can have a safe place to call home. I have been working with people to make corrections to my credit so I can honestly say I’m excited to be a new homeowner soon!

  7. I have always dreamed of owning a home here in Nashville because I have lived here all my life. Every since I left home, I have been renting instead of investing in a home of my own. With the increasing growth of Nashville and gentrification in the city, it has been harder to find an affordable home. I am not a fan of having to move from the city to a rural area. My family has been fortunate to live in the 37206 zip code for over 30 years. And I would like to continue to live in the city and raise my family as well!

  8. Coming from Bronx, New York to Tennessee thought I would be able to get a decent apartment however that’s not the case… been here a year and still haven’t found a place yet… hope I luck up

  9. Thank you for giving the average person a chance and the needed education for the next major step in life. We have all lived in these communities and watched them go from the “bad neighborhoods” to the place to be. But those who have roots and history feel that they are no longer apart or wanted in these neighborhoods. This chance will give people hope. Thank you again and Good Luck to everyone.

  10. My challenge with finding affordable housing in Nashville is the price. I would like to be able to have a mortgage that is affordable on my income and still have money left to enjoy life and the upkeep of my house. Also, another challenge in finding affordable housing in Nashville is the investor or the realtors who are buying the houses that are affordable and people like me don’t have a chance.

  11. On fixed income and have to have a place to afford living in a 2 room place which isn’t very big. Have health problems and need a bigger place I can afford to meet needs.

  12. I have always been on my own paying rent 1088 a month. Always wanted to own my own home but my credit won’t allow me. Never had no one to teach me to budget and making sure credit was a must but I understand now. I am ready to put my family in a safe and comfortable space we can call our own. I have grandkids now so I wanna make sure my family understands responsibilities finances family and love.

  13. There’s just nothing nice and affordable out there. I have been home searching for 8 months to no avail. I have no problem with being qualified for a loan, but the problem is that there are just no nice, decent sized homes close to town (and in a safe area) for under $200,000 or even close to that. Anything I find around my price range is just super tiny or run down and needing a lot of work (in other words, even more $$$). So I’ve pretty much given up. It’s just been a really soul crushing experience.

    • We understand your frustration, Melanie. Thank you for entering the drawing, and give us a call to see if we can help you at (615)-251-0025.

  14. We are having a hard time finding a property in a good area within our budget. We want our boys to grow up in a home and not have to move from rental to rental as we have been doing the past few years.

  15. Ever since my mother died I have lived in an apartment, so I have been paying rent for the last 15 years and I want to live in a house so I can get proper rest and do not have to listen to such noisy neighbors who keep me up at night. Every year my rent goes up and I could put the money into a house and own it and stop paying for rent. It is very frustrating when you go to work every day and cannot find an affordable house to live in. I would appreciate this opportunity to live in a home of my own.

  16. Affordability in a safe and decent environment is hard to obtain in Nashville, TN. The rental market in Nashville has skyrocketed in past 3-4 years, I would rather pay that towards home ownership.

    • We understand your frustration, Trina. Be sure to enter our drawing and give us a call to see how we can help you, (615)-251-0025

  17. I moved to Nashville years ago, and all I’ve wanted is to buy a house instead of renting slum places. I’m living paycheck to paycheck, so I just decided to go back to school full-time and try to better myself. I wish I could afford my own place, and a down payment holds me back from going forward with any offer. Hopefully, I’ll win this and can actually afford it! Thank you for doing this!

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