Understanding Our Purpose

We are here to provide leading companies with high quality legal services that reflect big firm experience coupled with small firm attention.

Our Emphasis

Our practice focuses on patent procurement and litigation relating to a number of technical areas, including communications, optics, computer hardware and software, semiconductors and medical devices.

Additionally, our practice focuses on intellectual property services related to trademark procurement, due diligence and licensing.

Examples of Patents Obtained

Examples of patents obtained by our founder Daphne Burton include:

  • US Patent 8,680,488: System and method for producing and using multiple electron beams with quantized orbital angular momentum in an electron microscope
  • US Patent 8,680,482: Alignment of an Atom Beam with an Electric Field in the Production of a Charged Particle Source
  • US Patent 8,554,009: Simple Matrix Method for Stray-Light Correction in Imaging Instruments
  • US Patent 8,149,548: Magnetic Head and Manufacturing Method Thereof
  • US Patent 7,983,005: Thin Film Magnetic Head with Flying Height Adjustment Capability
  • US Patent 7,967,507: Dimensional Reference for Tomography
  • US Patent 7,894,074: Laser Doppler Vibrometer Employing Active Frequency Feedback
  • US Patent 7,882,091: Record Tagging, Storage and Filtering System and Method
  • US Patent 7,657,738: List Signature Method and Application to Electronic Voting


Additionally, we focus on trademark procurement, oppositions and litigation.

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