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It’s true the world has changed: it’s not so much a change in taste but the way in which we comprehend and live with the objet d’art that has changed. However, our desire for discovery remains the same, in our quest for the object of perfection. It is what we strive for everyday.

Never mind the market fluctuations, because since Antiquity the desire and quest for the rare object has remained constant even though the pretexts may have varied. What could be more beautiful than the encounter between a new collector eager to get acquainted with and discover the soul of a rare object that is ready for a new love affair!

The common definition of antique is a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age, yet it does in fact vary depending on the source, product, and year. Motor vehicles are an exception to the 100-year rule. The customary definition of antique requires that an item be at least 100 years old and in original, unaltered condition.

Antique furniture is a popular area of antiques because furniture has obvious practical uses as well as collector value. This is in contrast to buying new furniture, which typically depreciates from the moment of purchased.