Enjoy warm and crystal clear water in a spectacular caribbean bay!

Freediving Dominica is part of a wider ecological project for the sustainable development of the local comunity.

Come and discover freediving, train, certify and have fun with us for a greater cause!

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Come and learn freediving, lifesaving, paddleboard and yoga with us all year long.

Your chance to discover, understand and help to protect the natural wonders of the Scott’s Head Soufriere marine reserve (SSMR).

Come and check out the Water Love Foundation website!

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Make each dive count!

This is no ordinary school. By joining us you help improving the local fishermen’s skills and safety.

The academy’s activities take part into an ecological wider project of sustainable development of the local community of Scott’s Head : the Water Love Foundation.

Morgan Bourc’his is training with us … and offering an amazing master class!

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Image courtesy of Alex Voyer Fisheyes - "Freediving"