International Roaming with a

United Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

This is an international, or multinational, SIM card that works in over 120 countries around the world.  It has a phone number based out of Lichtenstein in W. Europe and offers free incoming calls throughout Europe as well as China, Israel, Jamaica and more. 


 United Mobile SIM*
with 15 Euro Credit


*For use in unlocked GSM phone with 900/1800 MHz capabilities

-          Free Incoming Calls

-          Local Rates

-          Pay as you Go

-          Easy Re-charge

-          Standard €15 or about 30 minutes outgoing minutes from - Europe, China, Israel, more

 Siemens A75 and


Siemens A75 GSM Phone and United Mobile SIM with € 15 Credit

-          Unlocked, triband (no US 850 MHz)

-          Vibrate & speakerphone

-          Color display

-          Variable-voltage wall charger and plug for Europe/UK

-          English User Guide


Motorola V3 RAZR and



Motorola V3 RAZR and United Mobile SIM with € 15 Credit.

-         Car Charger

-          Euro and US Charger and Adapters

-          Data Cable + Software

-         Hands Free Earpiece

-         Carrying Case


Free Incoming Calls All Over Europe!

Most cell phone users in Europe and other locations receive free incoming calls on their cell phones and use a no-contract, prepaid or pay-as-you-go billing system.  However, when they cross borders they are subject to roaming rates (over a Pound a minute for UK phones!) including a charge for incoming calls.

With this international SIM card and phone set, not only do you have service in over 100 countries, but there are FREE incoming calls all over Europe!  There are even free incoming calls in China, Israel, Jamaica and many other countries in United Mobile's ‘Area 1' service area.

15 Euros Included - about 30 Minutes Outgoing to US or Europe

This International SIM starts with 15 Euros call credit.  Cell phone calls from Europe or other Area 1 countries (below) deduct from that balance at € 0.39 Euro per minute and there is a € 0.25 connection charge per-outgoing call. The € 15 credit is worth about 30 minutes of outgoing calls in all the Area 1 countries shown below. 

Add Credit Anytime by Phone or Web

Credit is added by using your phone number and credit card over the United Mobile web site. Minimum credit purchase is €10 Euros.  More time may also by calling United Mobile, but calling the customer service line for United Mobile from the cell phone incurs per-minute costs for the Area you are in.  Top up online using the web site for completely free credit top-ups.  There are no additional surcharges or mark-ups on the credit you buy (except the phone rates for calling in, mentioned above).  A purchase of € 20 credit will add exactly 20 Euros to your account balance. 

24-Hour English Support

Complete English operating instructions are included for the United Mobile SIM card.  There is a full-sized version with country codes and calling instructions and a wallet-size booklet with the basics.  The Siemens phone has an English manual.  United Mobile's 24-hour helpline is available 24 hours a day by calling 094 - a free call from the handset in all countries with UM service.

International Phone and SIM Products
Cell Phone and SIM Cards for Europe and Beyond

Choose from the compact, tri-band Siemens A75 with a color screen to the slim, stylish Motorola V3 RAZR with all the accessories.  If you already own an unlocked GSM phone, the SIM cards are for sale in either 15 or 30-Euro denominations.  These products include all the manuals, battery chargers, plug adapters and calling instructions you will need.  Just go and have fun!

United Mobile Area 1 Countries and Rates

Incoming Calls



Outgoing Calls to Area 1 or to the U.S.

~$0.47 a minute* (€ 0.39) between these countries or back to the US!

United Mobile Area 1 Countries





San Marino


Czech Republic



Serbia  (Republic)



Ireland (Republic)









Dominican Republic



South Africa








Kosova (Serbia)

Palestinian Territories


Bosnia and Herzegovina













Puerto Rico






United Kingdom


Grenadines Islands


St. Vincent

U.S. Virgin Islands


*US callers pay for call to Lichtenstein mobile phone.  There is a one-time US. $0.30 charge for each connected outgoing call.  Rate to call from US to US is a ~$1.91 a minute (€ 1.59), product is intended for use primarily outside the US.    Click here for a full list of all countries and rates - of UM RateS.


Callers from the US

  • Should dial 011 423 and your phone number.  The 011 is for an international call and 423 is the country code for Liechtenstein

  • Callers will pay their international rate to a Liechtenstein cell phone number.  See below for two international calling solutions, a low-cost long distance service and an 800 number that rings your Liechtenstein cell phone number toll free to the caller

Two International Long Distance Calling Products
Follow-Me Toll Free Number

  • Give US callers a Toll Free Number to reach you in Italy at your expense.  Calls routed to the United Mobile SIM (a Lichtenstein mobile number) are $0.396 per minute, calls routed to a US number are only $0.059 per minute and it's $2 a month.  This is a great solution for clients, your children or senior parents who need an easy way to reach you.  Prepay to get started and recurring billing to a credit card is available.  Route your calls to any number at will via a secure web site.  Visit AccuDial's page here

International Virtual Calling Card 


  • Use FlexTelOne for great international rates from any phone.  You can even use them from your cell phone to bypass your carrier's international rates.  Simply dial the access number and use your easy to remember PIN and calls are billed to your credit card based account.  Click here or give us a call to learn more about FlexTelOne's international long distance.


Get a GSM Phone with a Cingular or T-Mobile Plan

Shopping for a new cell phone plan for the U.S.?  Now is the perfect time to check out service from Cingular and T-Mobile.  Cingular and T-Mobile both use GSM service in the United States and many of the phones they sell operate on all four GSM frequencies used around the world.  To use the phone internationally, you may roam with your US number at Cingular or T-Mobile's international roaming rates or, once the phone is unlocked, may use one of our single-country our international SIM cards.

These links will take you to all the current phones and plans offered in your area.  Ordering and fulfillment is handled by our partners Cognigen Cellular and InPhonics.  As long as you order through these links, Communication Headquarters will be able to assist you with any follow-up on this order in the future.  Thanks for ordering through Communication Headquarters.

Click here to search Cingular and T-Mobile offers in your zip code or use the links below.  T-Mobile and Cingular have the latest phones including the new Motorola RAZR V3, Motorola U6 PEBL and ROKR with iTunes.  One or two-year service contract required.  "Free" phones are free after purchase then rebate.  Please read terms, conditions, phone specifications and coverage carefully.


Important: Be sure to select a phone that is quad-band (operates on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies) if you plan to use it as an international travel cell phone. T-Mobile or Cingular may require a three-month waiting period before providing the unlock code for the handset (which allows you to use another carrier's SIM card). Third party companies also unlock cell phones.  Call Communication Headquarters with any questions toll free at 1-866-663-1585.

International SIM Details

Adding Call Credit

The account is pre-loaded with US $18 (€ 15) call credit.  SIM comes with half hour of outgoing call credit in Area1! Additional call credit is added by making a free call and entering a PIN code at the prompt. Service only works with credit on the SIM account.  Incoming calls to the International calls SIM require at least € 1 credit be on account.  Account must have at least 3 Euros credit to send SMS. 

Additional Details

The UM Ring International SIM and corresponding phone number expires only if more than nine (9) months pass since last addition of call credit.  Any credit on the SIM is lost at expiration.  Service is restored by buying a new SIM .  Any new SIM will have a new phone number.  Adding call credit to does not change the phone number.  It is possible to keep the account (and corresponding phone number) active by adding a minimum of $10 credit once every nine months. 

United Mobile's service is available in 120+ countries categorized into six rate zones.  Rates in Areas 1 and 2 are lowest, Area 6 highest. 

Rate to call from US to US is a ~1.91 a minute (€ 1.59).  Product is intended for primary use outside US.

These calls are always FREE with United Mobile's service

Credit Recharge (Top Up):


Balance Inquiry:


SMS incoming:


Overview of Calling Procedure

In order for this SIM to operate on many GSM networks, it first sends out a tester signal and then places the call by calling you back. 

To Make a Call:

  1. Dial the desired number including 00 and country code, even if dialing within the same country, or dial from the address book (entries must include 00 and country code)

  2. The phone will display a message to wait and then the phone will ring

  3. Answer the phone and the call will be ringing through on the other end

This process takes about 30 seconds and quickly becomes routine

User Guide and wallet-sized instructions are included.  All services and literature are in English including a 24-Half hour help line. 

Email Us with questions about the UM International Roaming SIM Card.  It's a great product and we want you to get the most out of it.


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