Flat Rate or Bundled Service

Flat Rate or "bundled" phone service provides local and long distance usually at rates substantial lower than your local service provider. Many of us are still used to thinking that we are stuck with whichever "local" carrier happens to offer service in our area.


A Choice in Local Phone Companies

That is no longer the truth, but these powerful, almost-monopoly companies are not going to tell you that.  Some examples of the large, local service providers to which we refer are Sprint, Verizon, Qwest and SBC, among others.  The truth is, there are many smaller companies that offer the same quality service and features for a much lower price.

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Traditional Phone Service versus VoIP or Flat Rate

Here is our experience with Verizon; it may sound familiar.  In Los Angeles where Communication Headquarters is located, the local service provider is Verizon.  With Verizon, our monthly bill for local calls only was about $45 a month not including any long distance calls.  However, local was a relative term. Verizon actually charged us for many calls within our own area code.  Turns out "local" didn't cover calls made further than about a stone's throw from our location.  Calls to our cell phones - in the same area code - were "local long distance" (got to love that oxymoron) and costs us a few cents a minute.  Calls to a business 10 miles away, yet in the same area code?  You better believe that was "local long distance"!

While "local" service was only $45 a month.  What most of would consider local calling, was actually costing us about $75 a month.  Plus whatever out of state (actual) long distance calls we made.  This seemed outrageous to us.  We ultimately switched to VoIP service and now pay about $25 a month for all our calls to anywhere in the US and Canada.  No more paying 3 or 4 cents a minute to call our own cell phone!

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